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3D printed recycled plastic playground

The PlayPod is a structure meant to offer opportunities for spontaneous and unplanned play.
An organic form echoing nature’s seemingly random sculptures, a cross between a cave and a marine organism manufactured using recycled marine gear through the process of robotic-arm 3d printing. Aimed to inspire and encourage children to create their own play narrative rather than dictate it, while promoting awareness on plastic recycling and aspects of circular economy.
Developed as a Master’s thesis for the International Hellenic University by Konstantinos Skopas (Koncave), in collaboration with Bluecycle and The New Raw.


The prototype was presented in the Guiltless Plastic 2021 exhibition organised by Rossana Orlandi at the Museo Scienza e Tecnologia Leonardo Da Vinci in Milan.

The first large-scale PlayPod for public use is installed in the town hall of Chaidari, in the western suburbs of Athens.